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Program Your Mind While You Sleep to Experience Profound Life Changes

(1 hour affirmation audio with White noise)


  • Begin attracting wealth into your life effortlessly
  • Create a life of prosperity, ease and abundance
  • Align with the energy of money and tune into the vibration of abundance 




The wealth affirmation will help you to attract wealth and access heightened states of receptivity where messages of abundant prosperity are effortlessly absorbed. As the messages are received and retained by your subconscious mind, you'll radiate an energy field that attracts money and wealth to you.

Your new beliefs about wealth begin attracting ideas, people and happy coincidences that support you in making prosperity a living, breathing reality in your life.


  • Embrace empowering beliefs about money and prosperity
  • Open the channel for a flow of infinite abundance, as you deserve
  • Attract profitable opportunities and successful people naturally


How does it works?


  • Most of us don’t know that our subconscious mind never takes a break or sleeps. It keeps working all the time, grasping everything around us and focusing even when we are sleeping. We can reprogram the mind for almost anything you want. By listening to affirmations while sleeping, you can change any aspect of your life!
  • The best time to listen is before sleep. Because you feel sleepy and drowsy and your mind is capable of absorbing the affirmations quickly.
  • The most exclusive feature is that every affirmation audio has a white noise background which helps you drift off to sleep effortlessly.
  • The affirmation audio must be played on repeat (In a low comfortable volume) to impress the subconscious mind. Listen/play for 21 days (or longer) to see desired effects.


About the Author


Manoj Chenthamarakshan Is the founder of The Positive Store and The Positive School. He is an NLP trainer and coach with over 500+ hours of experience. Author of 3 bestseller books on Amazon. His works have positively impacted over 50,000+ lives in the past 7 years worldwide.

Wealth Affirmation

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