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Manoj Chenthamarakshan is the founder of The Positive Store with 6 years of experience as an NLP Master practitioner and Product designer. He is also a Bestselling Author and an Educator. He believes every human has an innate gift within them and his mission is to help them identify and live with purpose.



 25 small habits, 55 questions to ask yourself, Comfortable slaves, and Know thyself


Find yourself and Be yourself

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Our Story

We welcome you to the Positive store. We are positive enthusiasts with a single mission to make this world a positive and fun place to live in. How do we do that?


Well, we have just started our engines to spray glitter all around the world, We are kidding, Obviously to make this world a better place by creating fun and innovative products to boost productivity and positivity.


We are also NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) experts. We simply thought, why should productivity be so dull and strict? We thought of bringing some fun to it. We are currently innovating and building new products in our garage. We will make sure to bring them into the limelight ASAP. So stay connected with us on this journey.


Follow us on social media! (No, we don't always sell on social media :D, Just shedding some positivity and laughter during the journey).


Also say a “HI” if you like us :P (If you are an investor who is reading this, I want to let you know that this content was written by an intern and the owners are very professional.)


Let's create a better world for future generations. Keep smiling, You rock!


Feel free Reach out to us if you have any queries or questions

+91 99400 16514

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