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How can I increase my focus and concentration?

Posted by manoj chenthamarakshan on
How can I increase my focus and concentration?

Become a kid once again!

Have you noticed a kid while playing? They simply be there at the moment. They laugh, they play, they wonder, they run and be with their inner self. No matter what’s happening in their outer world, they always know how to get back to their wonderland with full focus.


Because they love what they are doing. If they don’t love it they don’t do it.

I don’t want to give you techniques in how to focus and concentrate. Because I believe it will happen by itself when you love what you do.

You enjoy each bit of it.

Do I have to teach you how to be fully focused and concentrated while you are in love with a person? You simply do because you enjoy being with that person.

So ask yourself if you love what you are doing? If answer is yes, well and good. If the answer is no, then please find that first.

Clarity is more important than speed.

After knowing what you love, follow these for concentration and focus

  1. Meditation

  2. Exercise

  3. Maintain to do list

  4. Write your goals daily

Here are some planners to stay on track!!

Good day

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loved the design

The tracker offers more than tracking my habits. It helps me to set goals for my month and also track my weekly habits.

Love the cover

I really loved the cover and colour. The cover makes me feel how we are all connected to the Ultimate Universe. Hats off to the designer!


The planner looks premium and high quality ! Worth the price.

Best stress Reliever

Very recently I came to know about how colouring relieves stress ! And trust me today this is my night routine ! I end my day with colouring, completely declutters my mind and helps to sleep better.

Creative + productive

The best digital diary I have ever had👍. Coloring pages were my favourite

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